05 June, 2009


so i should be off doing other things, packing and the like (my last load of laundry needs to be moved into the dryer) and i'm going to head out to my last target trip when i'm done with that, but i wanted to make sure i got in one pre-departure post on here. i also want to start getting in the habit of doing this, i'm going to be away for a while and i know lots of you are excited to hear/see what kinds of things i will be getting up to down in the land of sheep and kiwis (hmmm, do they actually grow kiwis there? someone look into that.) there will hopefully be many posts to come and i'm thinking of setting up a flickr photo stream too, all of which i will announce here (and of course tell some of you directly).

well packing and some phone calls await me.

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