24 June, 2009

Job Interview Kiwi Stylye.

So, i went on a job interview on Tuesday.
it was to work here: http://www.skyjump.co.nz/
the interview was ok, nothing too exciting. Why are you in NZ? describing the job, helping people into jumpsuits and harnesses, how long are you planing on staying in Auckland? i thought i did fairly well and it wasn't a complicated process. non of the "where do you see yourself in 5 years," or "how can you bring value to our company," or any of that nonsense.
after the interview was where things got interesting. she says thanks for coming in and she will let me know later that afternoon because they are apparently hiring for the next day. then she's like "oh and now you get to jump so that you know what it's like."
now, i kind of wanted to do it. i watched that kid from the hostel do it the other day and it looked really cool. but showing up for a job interview and then at the end being told you get to jump off of a 630 foot building was not what i was expecting on the day.
i get all suited up by a very cute Irish boy, weighed (62kg with the harness) and put in an elevator. i'm honestly a little surprised i didn't vomit or something, the elevator has big glass panels that open out to the city and one in the floor. i get to the top of the building (well not the very top but quite high enough thank you) meet the very nice, and comfortingly burly men who attach my harness to the thing that's going to guide me down and make sure i don't have to be hosed off the street. we walk to the end of the thing that looks suspiciously like a pirate's gang-plank and he asks "are you ready?" i reply "no."
(there was a family doing the Sky Walk www.skywalk.co.nz) and the kid helpfully said "yea!" for me. to which the guy answered "good enough."
now he didn't push me off the building, and surprisingly i didn't hesitate too much before taking the step off the building. first you just kind of dangle then they drop you about 10 feet so that the people in the observation deck can point and laugh. then time for the big drop. about 50 mph and 630 feet to the ground. it was quite exhilarating and for the first few seconds terrifying but totally fun. i would do it again (though it's kind of expensive to do for real). when i landed my legs were quite wobbly and tingling and i had definitely drooled allover my self and anyone below.
we went back down into their main area under the tower and i not only got a free photo of the fall but a free DVD of my fall too (there is a camera attached to one of the guide wires.) which all tolled was like a 250NZD that i got just for showing up and being asked a few questions.

and after all that i didn't even get the job. oh well ...

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