26 June, 2009

The Domain-ation

today was the first day in what is supposed to be five days of rain. so of course this ends bu being the day that i make a nice nature trek into Auckland's largest park, The Domain. (i think domain is kind of a generic word for park here as i've seen it a few places on maps of the country.)
luckily there was a big burst of rain early in the day when i was at the library (where i was writing postcards to people). by the time i left there it hadn't exactly cleared up but it was no longer full on raining, which was giving me SF flashbacks. i quickly realized that as much as i know the Domain is near my apartment i probably should have checked a map anyway. i ended up taking the semi long way there, which was mostly longer because it involved walking to the top of the hill first. though i did get to see a different view of the park then i did two weeks ago when i just went to the Museum (which is in the park).
a large part of the park is taken up by soccer/rugby pitches. which due to rain and general winter-ness were unoccupied. i skirted the outside of the fields and walked through a nice well groomed garden area with a pond for ducks and geese. i saw some nice places for picnics and maybe some outdoor yoga if i ever get around to that. from there i went into the area of the park where their are forest walks. those are really cool. the one i started on is just like stepping into a mini (if cold) rain forest. the paths are paved which kind of detracts from things but you really do feel surrounded which is nice. there seemed to be a few side trails but i didn't explore those yet, waiting for a day when they aren't 80% mud. there was only like one place where you could stop and maybe sit or something in the forested parts, other then just sitting in the middle of the path and blocking traffic.
It's no Central Park, or Golden Gate Park but its nice. and now that i know how to get there without hiking up and down too many hills i might actually go there more often. though i will probably wait till this week of rain ends.
right now the view out my window is like the inside of a cloud its so foggy here today.

ok to the post office for more stamps!

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