24 September, 2009

i tried i really tried

i started a post the other day.
and i tried to finish it today but i'm just too tired. i was rambling so i put a hold on it till i can actually form real sentence and sound interesting.

for now i'm just going to fail at all my art projects and eat cereal for dinner.

this city is trying to kill me

13 September, 2009

Progress Report

so in a previous post i talked about some of my goals for while i am here.
now i intend to update you on how those things are going.

and it will be in list form.

- still haven't zorbed or met phil keogan. this will happen later. well the zorbing will still not sure about the meeting phil keogan part
- real bunggy jumping is still on the agenda, i might do it here or i might wait till i'm somewhere more cool to jump off of.
- visiting lord of the rings sites also still on the agenda just not with a date written down next to it
- sailing, hmmmmm still need to properly look into this. i want to actually have to do things like work on a boat but i have no actual knowledge of how to do that so i'd need to find someone who likes to teach people to boat? research will be needed. anyone want to do it for me?
- hobbit hotel. need to find out where that one is, then hope it is affordable.
- i'm certainly improving my fitness. i just got back from the gym. its really making a noticeable difference and i'm really getting into the swing of it. i even read some fitness magazines at work yesterday. i still don't really know what i'm doing but i can almost fake it now. and i can swim better, though i have to wear nose plugs which look silly.
- blog: i could be doing better, but then NZ's Internet could also not be absolute poop
- journal: has been going fantastically, missed a few days but not that many. though recently i've been attempting to journal before i go to bed and falling asleep mid sentence. so i'm instituting a new rule of not journaling in bed. and the art has been getting better. see facebook for proof.
- writing project: i have one and its going well, though i hate having to type up what i've hand written in my journal which makes it slow down. when i have more of it done i will talk about what it is.
- the picture a day thing is where i've completely lost it. mostly due to crap internet making photo uploads somewhat torturous. also the long walk to work and then all that time actually being at work. i've been trying to take more pictures and i will try to get them uploaded in a semi timely manner but one a day is just not a doable project.
- favorite bar, done! though i get to it less now that i'm not unemployed.
- expat thanksgiving plans are coming along, i just hope to increase the amount of people to invite.
- visiting Amy is almost definitely not going to be possible, it is way too expensive to get up there :(
- Australia should still be do-able but will need some more looking into
- tropical island. see previous answer
- letters and postcards are going well, as you can probably tell from my list of posts to come i have some mail projects either done or in the works. i have a stack of envelops and things that i need to get into mail boxes soon, and one big project that i started over a month ago that i need to actually work on again.
- taking an art or design class is probably not going to happen, i saw some listed but they are just too expensive. but i did get invited to a crafter's bar night that i'm going to go to and so that's something. i've also been checking some stuff out of the library and i have a big art project in the works as a souvenir for everyone (well lots of people) that i think i can get to turn out really well.
- i haven't seen an Opera or a Symphony yet, there haven't been as many options as i thought there would be, though i did miss out on one that was this past weekend (it might be next weekend too i should look into that). i have however been to two plays, both quite good. The God of Carnage and Holding the Man, both funny and sad though Holding the Man was far sadder.
- still don't have a concrete plan for when i get back, but i am thinking about it and i have lots of ideas. i know i want to have a week in SF on my way back to NY but beyond that i have no real shape or form of what i want after this. i know what i would like for it to involve but its a matter of what i can actually get together and plan.

so that's how i'm doing on all those things i said i would do. not a bad tally. other then the photo thing i've kept up with most of them or plan to. even if Auckland hasn't been great to me it has helped me be good to my self. and it its own way i couldn't have done it anywhere else. i just know i never want to live here ever again.

12 September, 2009

Why I Didn't Blog yesterday

there was a bus strike.
that's the short answer.
the long answer involves many factors. in the interest of finishing this post before my internet caves in like a house of cards and or i get bored i will list them. (also i like lists)

- the a fore mentioned bus strike
- a longer gym session then i intended
- choosing the only bus stop in Newmarket that doesn't have an electronic informational sign. (which amusingly did not call it a strike merely said that the buses weren't running for an "event")
- my internet at home is crap, see previous statement about the house of cards.
- 45 minute commute to work/the place where i can get free fast-ish internet
- laziness, i will not totally blame the Auck
- i had a drought of topics until yesterday, now i have a glut and no time till Tuesday to fully apply them to bytes.

posts for you to look forward to: (hey look another list)
- Status report: how i'm doing on the various goals i laid out in "goal post"
- Second letter of Peter: to my fake brother Stevie
- (a topic i forgot to write down and thus have forgotten)
- Third letter of Peter: to Lynn a fellow traveler

see you soon