08 June, 2009

I am Upsidedown.

It's raining.
I am not thrilled by this but i will live, mostly what annoys me is that i can't find a decent not 100NZD hoodie anywhere. to be fair i haven't looked that far yet but still. it is winter here, though north enough that it's not terribly cold and if you know me at all you know how much i hate my winter coat so the finding of an acceptable hoodie (is there a real way to spell this or does blogger just not consider it a word yet?) is an imperative. well at least it gives me a quest for the next few days.
so far bookstores here are quite disappointing, they all kind of look like that sad Walden books in the back end of the crappy mall, most books are kind of expensive (a lot of them being imported) and a very sad magazine selection. this is at least making my wallet happy. though on balance the library here in Auckland is very nice looking, i will need to explore that further when i have an address with which to get a library card.
Jet lag is still messing with me, it's not so much that i'm still on home time, its more like my body/brain just has no idea where/when it is and is cranky about it. though last night i made the mistake of going back to my hostel around 6:30 yesterday. i intended on doing a little bit of stock talking then either going out to get food or going down to the loungy area to hang out. neither of these happened. i passed out, way out. i only woke up again around 10 when my new hostel roommates arrived (i had been alone in a four person room up till then) not that i really stirred, just opened my eyes enough to realize there were new people in the room. unfortunately this meant that i woke up at 4:30AM. i tried to get back to sleep but nothing came of it. so i laid in bed listing to podcasts to kill time to a reasonable time of day to get out of bed.
but i did accomplish a lot yesterday, i applied for my tax number, got a cellphone, opened a bank account, wandered the town a bit, found the grocery store, and met a few new people (Ted from New Jersey, and a girl from Canada who's name i forgotten). i intend on going out to the happy hour thing the IEP office(more on them in the future) is arranging tonight, it's a pub quiz!
for now i'm putzing around on the interwebs (i need to start me some job searching) and then i'm going to go have lunch with a guy i met on CouchSurfing.com.

at some point i will get some pictures up. i found a really neat park to take pictures of but i want to wait till it isn't raining.

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