11 June, 2009

Ireland, New Jersey, Alabama, Canada and me New York

8:30: Jersey does laundry in preparation for the bus trek that he, Canada and Ireland are going on tomorrow. Canada and New York are laid out on the couch hungry and lazy. Ireland is talking to UK about very tinny computers.

8:45: Jersey moves his laundry into the dryer and sees Alabama who looks lonely in the big hostel filled with British girls and German boys. Jersey tells Alabama that he and some friends are going to for drinks in a little bit and that Alabama would be welcome to join them.

8:50: Canada, Ireland, and New York decide to head to the bar now so they can get some food. cell phones are retrieved and they head out side, Jersey will meet them later.

9:00: the bar is an Irish pub and their kitchen is closed, so Ireland, Canada and NY order off the snacks menu and get started with the beers, NY realizes he is wearing a pink shirt at the very macho Irish bar, he also orders a cider.

9:15: snacks arrive, Canada realizes she has ordered too much. the live cover-band of Scotland and friend start up. no one can hear a damn thing.

9:30: NY can't wait to go to pub quiz next week with Colorado again, and hopefully come in first this time, or at least get a few more people to come out.

9:40: Canada and Ireland are talking about the first stop on their adventure trek, which involves a beach and digging holes in the sand that fill with hot springs water. NY is jealous but does not have quit a flush enough bank account to join them.

9:50: Jersey makes it out and starts eating Canada's left over snacks. there is much shouting over the band and the even louder jukebox that comes on when the band is on breaks.

10:00: everyone is on a second round. Jersey is drinking Guinness, Canada is trying to figure out just exactly where Scotland is from based on his accent. Ireland is eye-ing the pool table.

10:30: Canada, Ireland, and Jersey move on to round three of beers, NY opts out because this is the third day in a row that he has had two beers and he hasn't drunk this much since he was California back in March.

11:00: pool finally happens Ireland is good but not annoyingly so, Canada is not so good but sporting. Jersey and NY switch in for a bit.

11:15: the Kiwi cops arrive but are very mellow and are just there to bust some underage drinkers and give the bartender a fine, NY thinks it is probably the most polite raid ever.

11:20: most of the underage drinkers return

11:40: Alabama shows up.

11:45: everyone agrees that Alabama is a little weird, and awfully intense.

11:50: Alabama tells Canada that he was conceived in Maine, she is confused as to both how and why he knows this.

12:00: Ireland and Canada get more beer, NY sits in a very uncomfortable bar stool and waits for them to return. Alabama and Jersey are chatting.

12:05: Alabama mentions how his family was not excited when he moved to NYC on account of being "the gay." Jersey is unsure why he is being told this. NY in his pink shirt is not informed of such but can pretty much figure it out on his own.

12:20: Ireland and Canada are talking and no one can hear them, least of all either of them.

12:30: NY moves off of the hard bar stool and sits with Jersey and Alabama. Jersey is trying to bash New Jersey and Alabama is defending it and an oddly aggressive manner. he is also trying to touch Jersey in those casual ways that people do at bars.

12:45: Jersey and NY learn that Alabama is studding at Yeshiva[sic?] university in NYC and that he got mugged twice in the lower east side.

12:55: Alabama is very glad he no longer lives in Alabama but has very odd political beliefs and is almost aggressively cynical in a strangely upbeat way. Jersey is trying to not be to attractive, NY is intrigued.

1:00: Alabama wants to smoke, but doesn't want to go outside alone. Jersey and NY know who he wants to come out to smoke with him but Jersey couldn't be moved from his chair with a crowbar. NY offers to baby-sit him while he goes out to smoke.

1:03: Alabama continues to be odd while he smokes his cigarette. NY intends on hanging out in the hostel lounge tomorrow after Jersey leaves for his adventure trek, he wouldn't date Alabama but he would definitely make out with him.

1:05: while inside Ireland, Canada, and Jersey have decided they are leaving. NY and Alabama join them.

1:07: Alabama points out the epaulets on Jerseys shirt and starts playing with them. NY explains the origin of epaulets on shirts. Alabama is the kind of guy that despite being a gay in Alabama probably still slept with most of the football team, or at least that's what NY is imagining.

1:10: Alabama gets off on the 5th floor of the hostel. everyone else on the 9th, where they all discuss the oddness of Alabama in a way the probably woke up Germany, Poland, and Spain.

1:15 NY bids the three travelers good night and goes up to his room on the 10 floor.

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