29 June, 2009

Goal Post

so i had a whole list of goals written up before i came here. most are probably still the same but a few might have changed. here's the list:

- go Zorbing and try and meet Phil Keogen, from The Amazing Race. (this are for my college roommate Paul who is a bit of a reality TV show dork, on top of just being a regular dork.)
- go bungee jumping. now i sort of half did this already, but i want to do a for real-real bungee jump too (maybe not the one in Nevis which is apparently like a billion meters high.)
- Visit locations for Lord of the Rings. there are tons of tours for this. the morning before i left the US my dad was showing all the special features from the DVDs about where they shot.
- go sailing. Auckland is the city of sails and i need to get on one of those boats while i'm here (also i have a more general life goal of spending at least a week at sea, and not on a cruise (though i do want to go on a cruise too))
- hobbit Hotel. Caitlin sent me a link to a hotel that is in the side of a hill like the houses from the Hobbit, i want to stay there, but first i need to find the link so i can figure out where it actually is.
- improve fitness. i always tell my self i need to work out more, even if its just some crunches some push ups and a bit of yoga. though i've been doing just that for almost a week now so i'm on my way, if it weren't so damn rainy and winter down here i might try some running too but who knows.
- write more. this one is multi parted
- blog. well i'm doing OK on that one so far. this is post 11 and i think i have a few people who will pester and punish me if i start to flake off with it.
- journal. i snagged a nice molskine notebook before i left my Chronicle job and so far i've done a pretty good job of writing at least one page a day. i've only missed two days and they were right when i was moving into my new place. there is also some art in there which i posted some pics of on facebook.
-writing project. i haven't decided what this is yet. i was thinking of trying to write one big project while i'm here but i need to make up my mind as to what it will be first.
- take at least one picture a day. i have mostly succeeded at this. (see Flickr account) some were taken kind of late and are not all that exciting pictures but i have at least one a day and a few of them are actually kind of good. oh and there will be plenty more on top of that in my facebook.
- have a favorite bar, go there often. this one i think is going to be tricky. i have kind of replaced it with two cafe's i like (one is more of a day spot, the other a night spot) and have been to both multiple times. there is also a guy who works at both of them which i discovered last night, too bad it's not the cute boy from the day cafe though.
- expat thanksgiving. i'm not quite sure if i will be in a place to orchestrate this when the time comes but we shall see. (when i'm done on here i'm going to make a poster for some kind of ex-pat 4th celebration.)
- try and visit Amy. this one i might fail at. tickets to Korea are kind of expensive so it will all depend on what kind of job i get and things like that. but i'm still going to try. also see about Becky if she is still in Japan at a time when i might be able to get there.
- go to Australia. i'm right here i better at least get to Sydney, i'd be a really crappy gay if i didn't.
- go to a tropical island. everyone here seems to go to Fiji but i think they still do Fucked up things to the gays there so i need to investigate. if not Fiji there are plenty of other options. but i want at least one side trip that just involves me half naked on a beach, probably reading.
- write lots of letters. working on it. most of you should have gotten postcards (if you think i don't have your address send it to me) and i have nice stationary for more and more letters in the months to come.
- take an art or design class. this is kind of a long term goal and i haven't found a good one to take yet (i also can't afford one yet) but i'm going to try and i've scouted a few good places to look.
- see and Opera or a Symphony. something i should do more of in general. nothing seems to be coming up till August here but i've got a few things marked ready to go when they get here.
- make a plan for when i get back. i don't want to end up like i did at the end of college with nothing ready to go next. it will all depend on money and what my life is like after NZ, top two ideas are grad school (though i usually say that) and a massive road trip across the US (probably ending in SF, though i want to take at least a month and stop in lots of places) both are kind of cash heavy but i have time to think about them.

well looking at the list i wrote before i left that is everything. so nothing much has changed on that front. i have a few new goals too though, ones that are more NZ specific. i think i will save them for another day.

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