10 June, 2009

I don’t love Auckland, at least not yet.

There is nothing wrong with it, it’s beautiful the people I’ve meet so far have all been nice but it’s just not stirring my heart at the moment.
I was feeling cranky after the afore blogged job search so I went for a walk, it was nice out and I wanted to take advantage of it and take some pictures and do some more non-damp exploring. I have only been here for three out of the potential 365 I might spend here but as I’ve been exploring there just hasn’t been anything that’s made me feel really excited about this city yet, the bookstores are kind of lackluster (though the library looked quite nice) the “gayborhood” is lame (and there are at least two titty bars there???). I’m going to check out the gay bar tomorrow night and hold out a little hope that it will be at least a little redeeming. (Though note that that was “the gay bar” as in singular)
The public transit sucks, or at least I think it does, I’ve found it too incomprehensible/destination-less to really judge yet.
There are tons of cloths shops but even the weird ones aren’t all that exciting, and I haven’t been able to find a decent hoodie yet. I kind of miss H&M, even though their stuff was getting ugly as I left the states.
There are plenty of exciting “adventure travel” kinds of things to do, some of which I fully intend on doing but when it comes to actual normal living kinds of things I haven’t found much yet, there is a theater-ish kind of place down the street from my hostel but not much going on there at present, I will have to check back.
Maybe I just need to find a good tour guide to show me places to love.
Or maybe when I figure out job stuff and have some money going in instead of just going out I will feel better about the place?
I don’t know, I’m starting to feel way to existentially fraught at the moment. I’m going to go hang out in the lounge of the Hostel and hope that something makes me feel less mopey. I promise that next post will not be about me freaking out.


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  1. there's always a possibility that you'll never like auckland, of course. but everything's chaotic now and the mind won't feel more at ease until a job is procured and so on and so forth.
    clearly, this place is providing you with an opportunity to work on some things that have frustrated and challenged you in the past.
    and sometimes you'll find that the best places to live are the ones where you discover the good things slowly...
    don't be too hard on yourself and be patient.