21 June, 2009


just some things i've been noticing.

- No pennies, NZ coins only come in $2, $1, 50¢, 20¢, and 10¢ denominations. they also include tax in all their listed prices which is nice.

- this city is hillier then SF, at least it feels that way. i have to walk down a hill to get anywhere and from the bottom of that hill i usually have to walk up another to get somewhere.

- all of the men's rooms have weird sheet metal trough urinals that make a loud waterfall kind of deal to flush, and most of them have a step up from the floor too. the first time i saw one i wasn't quite sure what it was.

- the gay neighborhood is flanked on both sides by churches (one a Baptist and the other a Methodist) and has a hetero strip club in the middle. it is also the "red light district."

- they call ketchup "red sauce" and in restaurants it sometimes comes in a little squeezable tomato.

- they really like to jump off of things. just about every tall thing in the country has a bungy jump or something off of it.

- they use the word Bro alot, but it means something difrent then it does in the us. it is more of a synonym for Dude, as upposed to that assbag in the club with the popped collar and the bad fake tan.

- there are gambling machines in most of the bars here (video slot machines mostly) but apparently most of the money they make goes to charity, kind of like how the us lotery system goes to education in the US.

i'm sure i will think of more in the future but thats a few of the big ones for now.

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