12 August, 2009

coming soon i promise

so i didn't realize just how long it had been since my last post.
and a real through post is coming soon.
but right now i just need to vent and because of time zones non of you are online.
what the fuck is up with Kiwi Internet. i mean i know i'm kind of spoiled because of us Internet and what not but seriously, you are a fully developed wealthy nation participating in the modern world and i am in your largest city where 1/3rd of your population lives. why is it so hard to get an Internet connection that can handle downloading a few podcasts and not drop twice an hour for 15 minutes. all my us connections had issues which were annoying but this is just unacceptable. i just have no words for how frustrating it is. i'm not in some backwoods tinny town or on a farm (which i'm planning on going to one but more on that in the future) i'm in a bustling metropolis and in one of the posh parts of town, and Internet is my best connection to the people i miss back home especially consistent Internet as i'm at work for most of the time you all are awake and not at work.

and i don't even know how to fix this, ugh ...

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