26 July, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal ...

my bank account could use some work.
feeling less stressed and panicked then for my last post.
just booked another week at a hostel for Tuesday and have actually done a little apartment hunting.
still not sure if i'm going to stay more then the 6 weeks i'm definitely here but i'm less dead set against getting out of the country.
just need to get back the slight bit of stability i lost in loosing my place.
if anyone hears of someone in Auckland who needs an adorable if neurotic flatmate let me know.

ok more when i get regular internets back.
miss you, send me e-mail based love till i have an address again.

1 comment:

  1. i know you're stressed. hang in there. the housing thing was really dumb. but it might be one of those random turn of events that you'll look back on and be really happy about....