12 September, 2009

Why I Didn't Blog yesterday

there was a bus strike.
that's the short answer.
the long answer involves many factors. in the interest of finishing this post before my internet caves in like a house of cards and or i get bored i will list them. (also i like lists)

- the a fore mentioned bus strike
- a longer gym session then i intended
- choosing the only bus stop in Newmarket that doesn't have an electronic informational sign. (which amusingly did not call it a strike merely said that the buses weren't running for an "event")
- my internet at home is crap, see previous statement about the house of cards.
- 45 minute commute to work/the place where i can get free fast-ish internet
- laziness, i will not totally blame the Auck
- i had a drought of topics until yesterday, now i have a glut and no time till Tuesday to fully apply them to bytes.

posts for you to look forward to: (hey look another list)
- Status report: how i'm doing on the various goals i laid out in "goal post"
- Second letter of Peter: to my fake brother Stevie
- (a topic i forgot to write down and thus have forgotten)
- Third letter of Peter: to Lynn a fellow traveler

see you soon

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